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Bill Graham - Headshot 1We’ve been so pleased with our Davies Eye experience. From the excellent staff, the latest equipment, the most advanced IOL technology, the best eye surgeon–it’s all a winning combination that elevates your comfort level and puts you at ease. I could not believe how quickly Dr. Davies was able to perform my cataract surgery. My wife Dottie and I are very happy with our vision since our Crystalens procedure.
Bill Graham
Deanna Horton - Headshot 1I’m so glad my optometrist sent me to Dr. Davies! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I went into the DMV three days after my second surgery and passed the test without glasses––and with flying colors! Before my surgery, driving at night was very difficult because of the glare from headlights. Now, I’m not bothered by glare at all.
Deanna Horton
Joyce Wilder, Quail Botanical Garden VolunteerSince my Crystalens implant I only have to wear glasses occasionally for very small print. I’ve been a saleslady for what a good experience it has been and how satisfied I am with the results. That is all you can tell people. How good the experience was for you. Dr. Davies is such a pleasant man and it is always a joy to talk with him.
Joyce Wilder